Sunday, August 9, 2009

MAC's Love That Look Collection

Rave, One-Off, Rated R, Smoke and Diamonds

One-Off, Rated R, Smoke and Diamonds

Well, this collection is amazing. First I will start with the eye shadows. These shadows are "starflash" shadows. This, in my opinion is MAC's BEST formulation as far as shadows go. They are a powder but they are so soft they are almost creamy. In fact they feel creamy, go on very smooth and are VERY easy to blend. These shadows in this collection are extremely pigmented, a little definitely goes a long way. Rated R, is an amazing color it's almost exactly the same color as Sharp from the tempting quad. However the almost creamy texture of Rated R wins me over and makes it way better. Smoke and Diamonds, is pretty much the best "smoky eye" color you can buy, if you think black is too harsh, it's also lovely applied with a liner brush to the lash line. One-Off. I will admit, I am a total sucker for green eye shadows. I love them! I love the texture of this color, however the color itself reminds me of humid. So, if you have humid you don't really need this color. These are the three I bought, I will probably be purchasing the rest of the colors some time soon, if they don't sell out. I was at the MAC pro store in Orlando, Florida when these colors were released. I was lucky enough to snatch up Rated R the day it came out, I went back to the pro store two days later and this color along with a couple others were already sold out. :insert sad panda emoticon here: haha!

The eyeliners are really pretty. They are super creamy as all pearlglide liners are. You can even use these as eye shadows! Which is pretty damn neat. The downside to these liners is, they do not stay on my waterline. Within two hours they are smudged off and need to be reapplied. These are best applied on the upper lashline and on the lower lashline but not on the waterlines, they will smudge and run. As pretty as they all are, I only bought Rave. It, to me was the prettiest and there aren't any like it.

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